Tubes - Talk to Ya Later (1981)

favorite 80’s movies » Gleaming The Cube (dir. by Graeme Clifford, 1989)

”Adults are predictable. Yeah, they’re living under this illusion that life, as we know it, is going to continue forever. So they expect us to act like what we do today will have an effect on what we do in 30 years. I mean it’s rediculous to think there’s going to be anything in 30 years. I don’t know what’s worse, ya know. Being blown up in a nuclear war or having a 7-11 on every corner.”

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Gleaming the Cube.

Thrashin’ (1986)
Introducing: The Goonies

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The Goonies by Saturno Ags / Facebook


Back to the Future III by Laurent Durieux

36” X 24” screen print. Numbered regular edition of 575 and variant edition of 225.

Available September 20th-21st, 2014, at Mondo-Con in Austin, TX.

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[4/12] favourite movies in no particular order:

  • Back to the Future I - III

FAVORITE MOVIES | clue (1985)
"what do you mean, murder?"

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[] Favourite Movies of All Time

 The ‘Burbs (1989)

"We’re the ones who are vaulting over the fences, and peeking in through people’s windows. We’re the ones who are throwing garbage in the street, and lighting fires… we’re the ones acting suspicious and paranoid… We’re the lunatics! Us! Not them! It’s us!"

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The Burbs by Paul Ainsworth / Tumblr / Twitter

18” X 24” screen prints. Numbered regular edition of 30 and variant color editions of 15.

Part of the “KINGS OF CULT: A Tribute to Roger Corman and Joe Dante" art show. Opens this Saturday, May 24th 2014, at Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook

Online sales begin Sunday, May 25th, 1pm PST, HERE.

Here They Grow Again by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website / Twitter

Aproximately 16” x 20”, Screen Print, Limited Edition of 40
Inspired by Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Part Of The Collection: Kings Of Cult: Corman & Dante | Prints here

Judy, Roger - where are you going? The party’s just begun.

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Night of the Demons by Matthew Skiff / Tumblr

18” X 24” screen print featuring a glow in the dark ink layer, S/N edition of 50. Available today, the 25th Anniversary of the film, from Strange Kids ClubHERE.


A collection of nine gorgeous horror movie Blu-Ray & DVD covers available from Scream Factory!

Further underscoring its position as a leading curator and home entertainment provider of many memorable cult movie classics, Shout! Factory is proud to present SCREAM FACTORY™, a DVD & Blu-ray brand created to focus on notable (and underrated) horror, sci-fi, thriller films from the past that have massive cult followings. 

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