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”I’d rather be next to someone for the wrong reasons than alone for the right ones. I’d rather be right.”

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Sweet Bard of Youth

After a wildly prolific decade of screenwriting and directing that made him the king of teen comedy, John Hughes receded from the cinematic landscape, his legend preserved by the classic 80s trilogy of Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller’s Day…


Hughes Talks about The Breakfast Club and how it was made


The Breakfast Club, then and now.


Awesome Never-Before-Seen Pics From The Making Of “The Goonies”


While writing his 1984 breakout film Terminator, James Cameron lived on McDonald’s, diner coffee and the money he made painting one-sheets for bad direct-to-video movies. The director, who would go on to helm the highest-grossing movie of all time, Avatar, expressed a surprising fondness for that early, “zero billion dollar” stage of his career while speaking at the fifth annual Hero Complex Film Festival recently [video].

It was actually easy to write cause I didn’t have to self-isolate like I do now, from multi-tasking with other businesses, and with a family with five kids. I was already isolated… basically just a sad, dark, isolated human being. There was an innocence to it in a funny way. I was the anonymous, kind of angry wannabe filmmaker. There’s some courage that comes from that, you say whatever comes into your head. It gets harder and harder to do that as you go along and you get encumbered by expectation and business relationships and all of that sort of stuff. I was kind of like a free voice in the wilderness in that stage. Most people hate that period of their life when they’re just trying to break in as an artist, and then you spend the rest of your career wishing you were back in that situation.James Cameron recalls his ‘angry wannabe filmmaker’ phase


In the 1980’s, home of of big frizzy hair and VHS rentals, there came a sleuth of science fiction and fantasy movies. Some of the films here are genius and classics, others… still classic, but filled with wonderfully bad acting, terrible storylines, and blatent cash ins off of various popular films of the genre. 
What category of good or bad do each of these the films on the list I have given you fit into? I am not telling you. What I will tell you, is that either way, it’s gonna be a fun night filled with the cheese that only the 1980’s can bring. (more masterposts)
SCI-FI MOVIESAltered States(1980) | Brave New World(1980) | The Martian Chronicles(1980) | Saturn 3(1980) | Heavy Metal(1981) | Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars(1981) | Quest for Fire(1981) | Time Rider(1982) | Android(1982) | Battle Beyond The Stars(1982) | Time Walker(1982) | Time Masters(1982) | Yor, the Hunter from the Future(1983) | Warrior of the Lost World(1983) | Exterminators Of The Year 3000(1983) | Prisoners of the Lost Universe(1983) | The Dungeonmaster(1984) | 2010: The Year We Make Contact(1984) | The Last Starfighter(1984) | Dreamscape(1984) | The Philadelphia Experiment(1984) | Starchaser(1985) | Future Kill(1985) | Def-Con 4(1985) | Enemy Mine(1985) | Ewoks: The Battle For Endor(1985) | Brazil(1985) | The Eliminators(1986) | Gor(1987) | Star Force: Fugitive Alien II(1987) | Beyond The Rising Moon(1987) | Timestalkers(1987) | The Curse(1987) | Gandahar(1988) | Earth Girls Are Easy(1988) | Space Mutiny(1988) | Time Trackers(1989) | Outlaw of Gor(1989) | Arena(1989)
FANTASY MOVIESDragonslayer(1981) | Faeries(1981)  | Clash of the Titans(1981) | Excalibur(1981) | Hawk the Slayer(1981) | Mazes and Monsters(1982) | She(1982) | Sorceress(1982) | Conan the Barbarian(1982) | The Sword & the Sorcerer(1982) | The Beastmaster(1982) | The Dark Crystal(1982) | The Secret of NIMH(1982) | Fire and Ice(1983) | Krull(1983) | Hearts and Armour(1983) | Hercules(1983) | Conan the Destroyer(1984) | Dune(1984) | The NeverEnding Story(1984) | The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension(1984) | Sword of the Valiant(1984) | Red Sonja(1985) | Merlin and the Sword(1985) | Legend(1985) | Return to Oz(1985) | Ladyhawke(1985) | Barbarian Queen(1985) | Labyrinth(1986) | Highlander(1986) | Amazons(1986) | The Barbarians(1987) | Masters of the Universe(1987) | Willow(1988) | Lords of Magick(1989)



Classic sword-and-sorcery movies

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With the proliferation of video cassettes in the 80s, a mobile film distribution sprung up in Ghana. These are some examples of the posters created by Ghanaian artists for these showings. They display an artistry absent from many western film posters, which rely more on poorly Photoshopped images of actors than a surrealist creativity.



Some awesome vintage Thai horror movie posters… See if you can spot any of your favorites.

That Scanners poster though

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Favourite Horror Remakes


Starship Troopers (1997)  - A new kind of enemy. A new kind of war.

Paul Verhoeven’s gonzo satire was destined, even designed, to be misunderstood. An action spectacle with the heart of a Grade-Z creature feature, the movie was derided as “90210 in space,” missing the fact that Verhoeven deliberately cast blandly good-looking actors as fodder for the movie’s militaristic mill. Stealing shots from Triumph Of The Will, the story of a society abandoning individual rights, and even identities, in response to an alien invasion, Starship Troopers is a wicked, acidic comment on how easily people can be convinced to trade freedom for security. That it also functions for the unaware as a full-throated Fascist recruiting ad is part of its brilliance. Verhoeven admits and even indulges its appeal before turning it inside out. (Avclub.com)


The Fifth Element + match cuts

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The Fifth Element, 1997 (dir. Luc Besson)

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Production DesignBlade Runner (1982)

by Lawrence G. Paull

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